Having a solid experience in HPC hardware; we design, implement and provision HPC clusters using commercial and open source tools. In addition, we do HPC applications management including installations ,integration of applications with cluster’s job schedulers and applications optimization in parallel environments.

What we do

Installation & Deployment

Testing & Validation


Professional Operation

Seismic Data Processing

  • Differentiators
    • Extensive experience with supermajor & NOCs throughout North Africa, Europe and Middle East.
    • In-house R&D team for high-end technologies and software optimization.
    • Proprietary seismic data processing algorithms.
    • Scalable hardware and access to Cloud.
    • Joint R&D projects with major technology providers
    • Code optimization: Pre-stack time migration speedup more than 10x and reverse time migration speedup more than 7.5x
  • 2D/3D land/marine time processing
  • Imaging time/depth processing using state-of-the-art tools.
    • Brightskies developed a standalone Pre-Stack Time Migration module as it converted legacy Fortran code and converted it to C++ code with added parallelization achieving 40% speedup over the legacy code achieving a further a speedup of 10.2x speedup due to algorithmic optimizations in the calculations of travel time.
    • Velocity Model Building
  • Reverse Time Migration
    • Brightskies developed a standalone Reverse Time Migration module as it has developed and optimized RTM with snapshots based on recent compression technique to achieve a speedup of 2.2x compared with traditional RTM with compression utilizes state-of-the-art 3D NAND and 3DxPointdisks.
    • Using RTM with random boundaries propagations eliminates the need of storing memory snapshots and enhances the run time by 7.6x.
    • Optimizing next generation RTM by integrating variable grid
  • About the team
    • Staff has delivered over 50 projects all over the world, and has processed over 60,000 sqkm of 3D data and over 85,000 km of 2D data.
    • Key areas: Offshore Mediterranean , Red Sea/Gulf of Suez, Western Desert, Onshore East Europe, North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Onshore East Africa, offshore West Africa, Arabian Gulf and many other areas.