Brightskies supplies the electric hypercar manufacturer Rimac with automotive engineering and functional safety design experience

Rimac cooperates with Brightskies to develop one of the Fastest Cars in the World - the Rimac Nevera

10 Aug 2021
Brightskies announces successful cooperation with Rimac Automobili, Croatian hypercar manufacturer, to ensure the maximum safety of the ‘Rimac Nevera’ that will deliver a 0-100km/h time of <2 seconds and a top speed of 412km/h in final production form and will set the car to be one of the fastest cars in the world.

Brightskies, an Egyptian privately owned Technology Company & digital transformation enabler, was chosen by Rimac to collaborate on the development of the Functional safety management system for its electric hypercar Nevera. A team of 25 Egyptian engineers from Brightskies had the chance to work with Rimac Automobili since the start of this global project. Both teams worked hand-in-hand on developing the Functional Safety management system.

News highlights:
● Rimac Automobili launched Rimac Nevera as one of the fastest cars in the world, with 4-motor electric powertrain that develops 1,914hp and 2,300Nm of torque.
● Rimac Automobili commissioned Brightskies to help develop and the Functional Safety Management
● The production of Rimac Nevera will be limited to 150 units and customer deliveries are expected to start in 2021.

Rimac Automobili contracted Brightskies to manage and execute the functional safety activities according to ISO26262 for the different systems in the Nevera. The functional safety management objective is to define the safety goals for the development of the vehicle and to identify all possible risks and hazards that may endanger human life caused by the failure of hardware or software in the vehicle. The functional safety team also defines and implements the needed safety mechanisms to handle these hazards and ensure the safety of the passengers, other car drivers and pedestrians.

Rimac Nevera has Rimac all-wheel torque vectoring system which relies on four electric motors, one for each wheel, and a single speed independent gearbox for the front and rear axle. This mechanical platform develops 1,914hp and 2,360NM of torque. The Nevera will also embed a driving coach which provides autonomous driving capabilities on track using a collection of 360-degree cameras, radars and sensors in and outside the car. Moreover, The Nevera will feature a driving range of more than 300 miles on a single charge. The production of the vehicle will be limited to 150 units and the first production cars will be delivered to customers in 2021.

“The Rimac Nevera is an entirely new type of hypercar, delivering all-new levels of performance and next-generation technologies throughout. As a result, almost everything we’re creating and implementing in the Nevera has never been done before, so we need the brightest and most experienced minds working with us to perfect it. Brightskies has been the ideal partner to our in-house engineers and technicians at Rimac Automobili, helping us to hit, and even exceed, the hugely ambitious performance, usability and safety targets we laid out for this car”, said Matija Renić, Nevera Chief Engineer.

“Our collaboration with Rimac Automobili in supporting to build one of the fastest cars in the world is a massive milestone for Brightskies and Egypt. It is also a solid proof that Egyptian engineers are capable of competing and developing some of the world’s cutting-edge technologies alongside the software and technology industry globally”, said Dr. Khaled Elamrawi, Chief Executive Officer of Brightskies. “This achievement marks a new era for the Egyptian Automotive Research & Development field as we are aiming to reshape the automotive ecosystem globally to be one of the hubs in exporting advanced technologies and sophisticated solutions.”
It is worth mentioning that Brightskies is an Egyptian digital transformation enabler founded in 2012 with more than 130 engineers focused on developing innovative, and cutting-edge software technologies and tools to revolutionize different industries and verticals; not only for the Automotive industry, but also Oil & Gas, Retail, Education, Banking, & Telecoms. Brightskies does not only support businesses to cope with the current digital revolution, but also support to open new revenue streams and increase the business efficiency and optimization on the technology front globally.