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Aiming for Green Energy Public Transportation Future

Aiming for Green Energy Public Transportation Future

Brightskies and Alexandria University secure EGP 5m fund from ITIDA to design and develop the first electrical powertrain system in Egypt

25 Mar 2021
Cairo, Egypt, March. 24, 2021 – Brightskies, an Egyptian privately owned Technology Company & Digital Transformation enabler, announced today that it has received EGP 5m fund in collaboration with Alexandria University from the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) for the ‘ZEUS’ project to design and develop electrical powertrain systems for public transportation busses locally.

The funding underscores Egypt’s plans of using the largest possible percentage of local components in the automotive sector as well as focusing on reducing CO2 emissions and having more sustainable and green public transportation means, which will positively impact the overall environment and air quality.
Under this agreement, ITIDA will be funding the ‘ZEUS’ project and developing a link between Egyptian companies and Universities to support the innovation flow between the IT Industry and Academia.
The project, which comes under the umbrella of ITIDA’s Information Technology Academia collaboration (ITAC), and Egypt Makes Electronics (EME) initiatives, aims to develop electrical powertrain systems for city buses. The fund will be delivered over the project's lifetime of 18 months, during which Brightskies and Alexandria University will be submitting a demo of an electrical powertrain system that can be further developed to a market-ready product.
Amr Mahfouz, CEO of ITIDA said: “We are very excited to see an Egyptian company like Brightskies succeeding in developing a high end tech product, adding to Egypt’s growing capacity for science, and technology. This highlights the innovation momentum and the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt which is thriving like never before. One of ITIDA’s key mandates is to bring value to Egyptian ICT Industry by fostering the collaboration between industry and academia, aiming at developing R&D based innovative products and services that put Egyptian ICT companies in a leading position in the ICT market, both locally and internationally.”
“We are honored to be working with ITIDA and Alexandria University on this project, which will bring together innovation from both the industry and academia in order to help drive Egypt towards green energy for public transportation,” said Dr. Khaled Elamrawi, Chief Executive Officer of Brightskies. “In the past few years, the global automotive industry has witnessed a revolution and acceleration in the electric vehicles adoption and penetration. We are delighted to be at the forefront of this revolution in Egypt.”
Brightskies’ role will focus on developing an automotive-grade battery pack in compliance with the UNECE’s Sustainable Transport Division regulation for approval of vehicles with regards to the electric powertrain and ISO 26262 standard for automotive functional safety.
The battery pack will be developed for a fully electric city bus with a range of up to 300KM on a single charge. The city bus top speed will be 90km/h and will accommodate up to 52 passengers. Brightskies will also develop all the powertrain electronics and control units, which are required to interface with the battery and the electrical motor with vehicle network and sensors.
For its part, Alexandria University plays a crucial role in designing the chassis for the converted bus to maintain the best vehicle dynamics, as well as converting in the mechanical engineering systems to different systems such as brakes, which will need to be compatible with the new electrical powertrain.
Dr. Abdelaziz Konsowa, President of Alexandria University, highlighted: “It is an honor for Alexandria University to be a major player in the development of this advanced industry, which will contribute to the local development of electric bus manufacturing technology and components necessary for it, in addition to contributing to putting Egypt among the list of top countries leading the future of electrical vehicles globally. The 100% electric bus will substitute the diesel powered bus and will help in reducing air and noise pollution in urban areas especially in Greater Cairo and Alexandria.”
The ‘ZEUS’ project marks a new era for the automotive industry in Egypt as it is the first time for an Egyptian company to design and develop an electrical powertrain system locally.

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) is the executive arm of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for spearheading the development of IT in Egypt. ITIDA is Egypt’s engine for spreading technology, driving innovation, and supporting foreign investors seeking to enhance their global offering from Egypt, in addition to strengthening Egypt’s position as a global hub for IT and IT enabled Services. ITIDA was founded in 2004 with the mission to build and champion a world-class IT industry that will play an increasingly important role in Egypt’s economic growth. https://itida.gov.eg/

About Brightskies:
Brightskies is a technology company and a digital transformation enabler that develops innovative, and cutting-edge software technologies and tools to revolutionize different industries and verticals including Automotive, Oil & Gas, Retail, Education, Banking, & Telecoms. Our aim is to provide the global ICT ecosystem world class innovative engineering solutions that would help all industries to cope with the global digital revolution. Brightskies is based in Egypt and has offices in Dubai and Germany, serving clients across Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. https://brightskiesinc.com/

Brightskies Participating in NVIDIA GTC 2021


Brightskies Participating in NVIDIA GTC 2021

2 Mar 2021
Join our session at NVIDIA's GTC21 this April to learn more about Brightskies initiatives and innovations in the Automotive (self-driving applications) and HPC domains based on NVIDIA's platforms.

Our session will be available on-demand for the full duration of the conference April12-14.

At GTC you can explore:

● Inspiring presentations from industry pioneers

● Connect with Experts sessions

● Startup insights

● DLI Training

● Demos

Registration is free and gives you access to all the live sessions, interactive panels, demos, research posters, and more. Learn more at www.nvidia.com/gtc and be the first to know what’s happening in the world of Brightskies and AI !!.

Brightskies Signs Protocols with Egyptian Carmakers to Develop First Egyptian Electric Bus

Signs Protocols

Brightskies Signs Protocols with Egyptian Carmakers to Develop First Egyptian Electric Bus

4 Feb 2021
With an aim to localize the manufacturing of future technological automotive parts in Egypt, Brightskies - an Egyptian company specialized in the development of embedded control systems for electric vehicles - signed 2 cooperation protocols with Egyptian carmakers ‘The Engineering Automotive Manufacturing Company’ (EAMCO) and ‘El Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Company’ (NASCO), to set the stage towards a more eco-friendly & technologically advanced transportation means for Egypt’s transportation industry future.

The signing ceremony was witnessed by H.E. Hisham Tawfik, Minister of Public Business Sector, who welcomed the start of the cooperation and stated that it reflects Egypt’s keenness to maximize engagements with the private sector in light of the technological revolution happening within the electric car industry.

The first protocol between EAMCO and Brightskies sets the start of a cooperation to develop an electric bus prototype, where EAMCO will produce the bus and Brightskies will contribute to the development of the power battery pack and powertrain electronic control unit.

The second protocol, signed between NASCO and Brightskies, is a cooperation to kick-start a feasibility study between both parties in order to establish an R&D center for power battery packs, electric powertrain systems and other automotive subsystems based on Brightskies global expertise in this field. The protocol is expected to pave the way for the establishment of the first Egyptian R&D center for the electric car industry after the completion of the six-month feasibility study, with the location of the center to be agreed upon based on what the study will recommend, taking into account the potential of utilization of El-Nasr Automotive Company capabilities.

The signing of the two protocols is an ambitious step to deepen and emphasize the localization and manufacturing of technological components to the future of the Egyptian automotive industry and future.

The automotive industry is witnessing a technological revolution in Egypt within the coming period, with the introduction of autonomous driving cars, electric vehicles as well as connected cars, which will ultimately increase Egypt’s capability to further grow in the area of technological components in cars, mainly represented in electric circuits and software development, which has been a competitive edge for Egyptian engineering calibers.

Brightskies is a technology company and a digital transformation enabler that develops innovative, and cutting-edge software technologies and tools to revolutionize different industries and verticals including Automotive, Oil & Gas, Retail, Education, Banking, & Telecoms. For more information, please visit: https://brightskiesinc.com/

Brightskies Reveal 1st Autonomous Driving System in Egypt

Brightskies Reveal 1st Autonomous Driving System in Egypt

11 Nov 2020
Brightskies, a technology company and digital transformation enabler, announced today the first prototype release of an Egyptian made autonomous driving system; a level 4 autonomous driving vehicle that supports highway driving, as specified by Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) J3016.

‘BrightDrive’ is a machine-learning platform that acts as the brain of autonomous vehicles. The platform is fully capable of driving the equipped vehicle autonomously on most highways without driver intervention, relying on its advanced detection capabilities. The platform can detect moving and stationary objects around the vehicle like cars, pedestrians, motorcycles and even bicycles. The vehicle can also avoid obstacles by lane changes and is capable of applying automatic emergency braking once a crash risk is detected through its advanced onboard sensors covering 360 degrees of the space around the vehicle.

Brightskies is currently at the end of Phase 1 of the Research & Development, and the company is working with the Egyptian government to be granted a licence and permits for phase 2 testing, which will enable the proof-of-concept vehicle to be driven on open roads autonomously and with real driving conditions.

“With ‘BrightDrive’ proof of concept, Brightskies has proven that Egyptian talent is capable of competing and developing some of the world’s cutting edge technologies alongside the software and technology industry globally. Our aim, from developing ‘BrightDrive’, is to transform the transportation industry, locally and globally, through fostering the skills of our engineers in the technology side of the autonomous industry”, said Dr. Khaled Elamrawi, Chief Executive Officer of Brightskies, during a press conference today.

The achievement of developing an autonomous driving platform and proof of concept is a great step and milestone for the Egyptian automotive industry, as it changes the local ecosystem focus from assembling and manufacturing passive parts into development of pure smart sophisticated systems.

Brightskies is a digital transformation enabler founded in 2012 with more than 130 engineers focused on developing innovative, and cutting-edge software technologies and tools to revolutionize different industries and verticals; not only for the Automotive industry, but also Oil & Gas, Retail, Education, Banking, & Telecoms. Brightskies does not only support businesses to cope with the current digital revolution, but also support to open new revenue streams and increase the business efficiency and optimization on the technology front globally.
Press release

Brightskies Develops Self-Driven Autonomous Car Systems

11 Feb 2019
Brightskies determined to develop the Electronic Systems for one of the major European cars vendors and its due date is decided to be in the first quarter of 2020.

“Brightskies was founded in 2012, working in Super Computers field. Brightskies headcount is about 95 engineers and planning to be 170 engineers by end of 2019.” added Engineer Hicham Arafa. Read more…
News brief

Vector Informatik Events

May 2018
Brightskies, in partnership with Vector, provided a technical presentation about the best and worse 5 practices to comply with ISO 26262. This presentation was provided during Vector Tech night held in Vector premises in Novi, Michigan last May. The event received high attendance from different industry palyers including car manufacturers, Tier-1 suppliers and Tier-2 suppliers.

Brightskies had presented during the last Vector Testing Symposium that was held in Stuttgart on July 4th and 5th. The presentation had discussed Brightskies testing experience in the medical instruments domain.
News brief

Embedded World 2018

Feb 2018
Brightskies participated to Embedded World 2018, held last Februrary in Nuremberg, Germany. Two sessions were provided by Hossam Yahia, CTO in the booth of our partners "Vector Informatik". The first session was in cooperation with Rimac Automobili about the functional safety activities that Brightskies provided to Rimac for the Aston Martin Red Bull Hyper car. The second session was regarding the cooperation between Brightskies and Vector to provide unit testing services for a medical instrument manufacturer who was seeking to get the FDA approval to release their new prosthetic leg support product in the united states.

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