Whether you’re just migrating an application to take advantage of new High Performance infrastructure or enhancing the performance of an existing application, our team can optimize your applications. We realize that code optimization is the key to get the best application performance and highest return on investment, especially when using GPGPUs and coprocessors or multiple distributed computers.

      At Brightskies Technologies, our Code Optimization team can bring the best performance out of your application whether it is written in C/C++ or FORTRAN. Our optimization expertise spans across multiple levels including: instruction optimization & vectorization, threading using Open MP, TBB , POSIX…etc, and distributed computing using MPI. Our project teams are always composed domain expertise, with subject matter experts in the fields of Seismic Oil and Gas, and Financial Services Industry, along with computer science and programming expertise. This combination enables us to maximize parallelization from the perspective of both the domain algorithm as well as the hardware and software capabilities of the platform.